Bromley House Library

Established 1816

Nottingham Young Creative Awards

Bromley House Library sponsored a 6 month young person's membership as an award for the 18 - 24 age group in the Creative Writing Category. The prize winner was Hannah Hall who recently visited the library, I asked her to write a few words about her first impressions.

'Falling Down the Rabbit Hole in Nottingham'

Finding Bromley House

Strolling up to Angel Row, Nottingham on Saturday morning I was confused as to where this ‘Bromley House Library’ could possibly be. I knew Angel Row like the back of my hand, and had walked through it on many occasions. And yet, I had no idea where Bromley House was. It was then that I noticed a tall, Victorian-style doorway, with a grand sign above it, practically enticing me inside. Had I found it? As I tentatively walked inside I met the absolutely lovely Geraldine Gray, who had the task of being my rabbit to this wonderland, and gosh had I fallen down the rabbit hole. This library was a mesmerising sea of old books, stunning paintings and spiral staircases.; it was a Tardis-like maze full of character and history, which was exactly the same for the staff members that worked there, who blended into the very fabric of the place due to their passion and knowledge on its every detail.

As I toured around the building my mouth hung agape at the rooms that just kept on going and going, the rare and fascinating literature, the hauntingly charming attic rooms, and the breath-taking gardens which seemed so out of place in the middle of Nottingham’s centre. It was akin to being transported to the past, a place frozen in time, but nevertheless a place where I very much felt at home and welcomed. The fact that I knew nothing of the library before only made it more magical, a place only known to those who already know where it is, like a treasure island, or platform 9 ¾. Needless to say I had a wonderful time and am very excited to begin my membership within its walls, and if those walls could talk... I would urge everyone to go and soak in its beauty as it is a monument that defines why Nottingham remains a quirky, creative, and historical hotspot. I strongly feel that finding this little world was fate, and I am so grateful to the library and to the Young Creative Awards for introducing me to it.
Hannah Hall