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Bromley House featured in Rathbones Review

Bromley House is heavily featured in an article on independent libraries in the summer edition of the Rathbones Review. 

The piece is on page 42 onwards and can be accessed here: Rathbones Review Summer 2017 e-book

Thanks to our member, Martin, who helped to ensure we were featured in this. 

Bromley House Deeds

Mr Edward Beaument has been doing some extensive work on the Bromley House Deeds. Transcripts were made in January 2017 from the first 8 documents on the Land Registry List together with a summary document. With a summary document. The full text of the documents is lengthy of course, that's why a summary document was prepared as is reproduced here as a pdf file.  Please navigate to the News button to open the file. We are considering publishing all the transcripts over time or maybe a more detailed summary. We will guage how much interest there is in either suggestion. Please get in touch with for futher information.

Conveyance Plan Images


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School Photography Day Project

Eric Butler who volunteers with the Bromley House Library Photographic Studio project recently visited
Year 6 pupils at Gotham Primary School and ran a School Photography Day Project.

The day included photography related learning activities including aspects of history, science and art and a history of photography timeline.
The pupils watched a short video of how a camera obscura can be used to help an artist create a picture, a technique used by da Vinci, Vermeer and Canaletto. They then followed simple instructions to construct a pinhole camera/camera obscura from everyday materials.
They discussed light sensitive materials and the inventions of Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre. Looked at the first selfie, a copy of the world’s oldest photograph by Niepce, an image of the earliest daguerreotype. The pupils learned something about Nottingham’s first photographer, Alfred Barber, who established a daguerreotype portrait studio at Bromley House, the first in the Midlands.
Eric introduced about the inventions of William Henry Fox Talbot, (Calotype) and Frederick Scott Archer (wet plate collodion). The pupils looked at negatives and positives on glass plates film and tintypes and some of the antique and vintage cameras from the Bromley House collection. There were also some studio photographs and cartes de visite which introduced the use of furniture, props and backgrounds used in the studio

After looking at some copies of Anna Atkins cyanotypes, the class made a Sunprint, using light sensitive paper, sunlight and water.
Eric finished the session with Samuel Bourne, the Victorian gentleman who left Nottingham and travelled to India. He embarked on three incident filled expeditions and overcame great difficulties to become the first person to photograph the High Himalayas. The class thought about what items you would need to take on a trip to photograph high mountains and what makes a good photograph.
We had a super letter from the class teacher and the pupils all enjoyed the day and the practical tasks that they took part in. A huge thank you to Eric for all the hard work that went into preparing for the day.
Eric has produced a lesson plan if you would like further information and can be contacted on


Bromley House Gallery - new exhibition

Our new exhibition showcases the work of Studio House residents, and their observations of locations in and around Nottingham.

Open to the public Wednesdays 2:00pm - 4:00pm and Saturdays 11:00am - 1:00pm.

Studio House exhibition


Newsletter Summer 2017

Have a look at our latest short newsletter for upcoming events

Bromley House Library Members Art Exhibition 2017

Bromley House Library Members’ Art Exhibition, September – November 2017

Following the very successful Secret Postcard Show held in 2016, our anniversary year, we are reverting to our usual format for this year’s Bromley House Library Members’ Exhibition.

Many new library members have joined us since our last members’ show in 2015, and we would like to encourage all those who enjoy creating artwork to take part.

As in previous years, you are invited to submit up to 4 pieces of work. (Depending on the number of submissions, not all work may be accepted). To cover the cost of prizes and a launch event, there will be a hanging fee of £5 for a single piece of work, and £10 for two or more pieces (payable on delivery).

Our open exhibitions have always been very popular, and exhibitors often sell their work. Both previous exhibitors and anyone who has not taken part before - do consider joining in, to make this another successful event!

Application forms available in the library and to download from our website